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Thread: Additives?

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    Of the many additives such as Reef Plus, Reef Trace, Reef Advantage Calcium, Reef Complete, Reef Calcium, etc., which would be the two that you would best recommend for use in a 10G and 42G reef tanks?

    Thanks for your input.

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    I don't have any experience with any of those products.. Are some of your levels off? Is that why you want to use additives? If everything is fine and you want to use something just for the sake of using it, I wouldn't bother. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

    Here is a cool link though that might help..

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    Threre are forums at seachem website, I think I saw same question answered.

    I have low bioload at 10 g tank, softies and polyps, so I stick to water changes and Reef Plus (vitamins, aminoacids, iodine and trace elements). With more addtions will add Reef Trace (trace elements). Frequent small additionas are better than twice weekly, IMO.

    If water changes are not compensating calcium usage, Reef Complete is most concentrated calcium additive I know, calcium chloride based, Reef Calcium is calcium polygluconate immediately available to tank habitants, I'm using both, as recommended.

    If I remember right, Reef Advantage Calcium is calcium additive for situations when alkalinity is not above normal (see link below). Which to use, when and exact content - there is very detailed info on their website in FAQs for every product, plus forums where they answer any questions, fast.

    Best article I found on what type of calcium additives use and when:
    Solving calcium and alkalinity problems

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