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    Wierd RO/Di readings

    Hi all,
    My RO/DI filter is up and running the Aquasafe 75gpd model...anyways I tee'd it off for drinking water befor the Di filter...that works fine, the RO water readings are 0tds at the moment...but the water at the end of the sixth stage has a reading of 11 TDS... I'm gonna run a few more gallons through it tomorrow and see if it's from new setup but I've ran water through it a few times now so i'm not so sure it'll work. anyideas what the prob is?

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    the last stage is a carbon stage to remove the bad taste from the DI so a reading of 11 tds is normal

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    I run my set up through a final stage carbon & I get a 0 TDS reading all the time.

    After I've changed the filters, the output will jump that high for a couple gallons, then it drops to ~ 4 for a couple days, then it's 0 until I have to replace the filters. (When it still reads 0 btw.)

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