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    Water pararmeters

    I am looking to but my first water test kit and don't know exactly what is nesessary to check in the water quality?

    Should I get the Master test kit (hagen) or buy seperatly?

    What should I be testing in the water, besides salinity?

    I have a powercompact lighting system so the coral I plan on keeping are going to be hardy and easy...mushrooms, zenia, leathers...

    I also only have 3 fish in the 75 gallon. 50 pounds of rock...

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    Hagen's not the best kit. Most people recommend the Salifert kits as the best choice. If you do buy Hagen, make sure it is a salt water kit; fresh water kits aren't that useful for marine tanks.

    Assuming that you are past the cycle phase, your testing neds will be low. Certainly, sg and termperature would be regular factors to measure. A refractometer and electric thermometer would be good investments. You will need ammonia and nitrate kits; the former in case things go bad; the later since high nitrates can lead to problems with corals. But, with a softie tank, higher nitrates may actually be somethwat beneficial.

    Beyond that, you should have a test kit for anything you plan to dose. If you planning to add calcium, you'd need a calcium kit. And so on. Otherwise, you won't know if you're adding enough, too much or just right. However, if you just plan to do water changes, then you don't really need regularly testing of much.

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    I look at

    and use salifert test kits

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    What you test really depends on what you want to keep.

    If you're keeping fish only, you need to have a pH kit (won't be used much once the tank is stable, but needed.) an ammonia kit (used mostly when cycling, and after that only if you suspect a problem), a nitrite and a nitrate kit (again both only used once you're stable if you suspect there's a problem)

    The pH kit should be used to measure pH of the bag when you get a new fish / coral / what have you. It's one of the parameters you need to match with your QT tank.

    If you're keeping hard coral, you need to have all the same kits on hand, but you'll need to regularily measure calcium and alkalinity. Those you'll likely end up testing weekly.

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    Ok, so I know what most of the Acronyms stands for but what is KH, SG?

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    KH (or dKH) refers to the German scale of degrees of carbonate hardness. It refers to the Alkalinity of your water. Some test kits use a different scale (meq/L) ...which stands for milliequivalents per Litre. Either is fine, just a different scale.

    S.G. stands for Specific Gravity.... in our case, refers to the amount of salt in the water...for example S.G of 1.024.

    Hope that helps

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