Ok - I think I finally got all my water parameters correct. Took almost three weeks and many a test.....

Currently my reading are:

Temp 78.5 (Pinpoint)
SG 1.023 (47.7 Pinpoint)
PH 7.95 (Pinpoint)
Nitrate 0 (Pinpoint)
Nitrite 0 (API)
DKH - 10 (Salifert)
CA - 470 (Salifert)

Now my PH is just a tad low I should be at 8.2. What should I do to get this into line. I've been told to lower my tank temperature, but I think it should be around the 78-80 range so I don't think I'll do this. Or should I wait it out as my PH is climbing about. .08 / day. I dropped to 7.8 right after a 20GAL (25%) water change two days ago.

Some of things I've learned is that not all test kits are equal. Nor are hydrometers. I have tested three hydrometers against the pinpoint and all are off as much as .05 + or -. As well testing three Nitrates with 3 kits and a pinpoint - 2 of the kits would show 10 PPM when it really is 0. Same with DKH API reads 7 and Salifert shows 10.

Oh well, I think I've got the readings right now.

Other than my PH question on how to get it from 7.95 to 8.2 without screwing up the rest, I need to know what to do to keep these reading where they are.

I have an auto top off 4GAL attached to the filter. Should I be adding Kalkwasser to my RO/DI top off water in the jug? If Kalkwasser takes care of the lost CA what do I and where do I add for the loss in DKH?

Or is my best bet to use C-Balance once / week and skip the Kalkwasser and DKH buffer?

If anyone could share the how to keep the reading correct once you have them correct on a simple setup with NO CAL reactor and the such. All of this equipment is next on my research list. I actually still do not know if I should be doing 1 - 25% water change per month or if I can do 4 x 5.25% water changes per week? Is there a difference in these two?