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Thread: purple up

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    purple up

    has any one used purple up i put some in my 65 gal at a rate on one cap as directed.

    it dose say may clouded water.

    but i put it in 3 days ago and my water only looks more clouded

    i checked my levels

    ph 8.0

    ammonia nitrites nitrates 0

    any ideas or is this normal?

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    I have never used it so I can't comment on the cloudyness, but I would stop using it. If your tank parameters have stabelized and you have some liverock with some good coraline growth the tank will be purple in no time. If your tank is off you could pour the whole bottle in and coraline still won't grow.

    I'd suggest saving your money for something else.

    If the cloudyness persists try running some carbon to clear up the water.
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    Save your money - as most addatives are waste of money, including this one. Your tank will never know the difference if you stop using it...

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