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    purple-up update need help

    i put the purple up in on sat night and on sunday my water was looking clowdy.

    it is now Wednesday and my water is vary green yellow( looks like phytoplankton) I i can only see a couple of inches in the tank.

    my ammonia, nitrate, nitrite is 0
    my ph is 8.1
    my salinity is 1.25

    here is what i have done

    running lots of carbon
    fine filter wool
    changed 10 gal water
    and skimmer is going

    the tank is a 65 gal

    the fish and coral are doing fine actually the corals look really good

    thanks for any ideas :help:

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    o ya

    the tank looks clearer in the morning

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    Sounds like you have an algae bloom. Keep doing what you are doing, but turn the lights off for the day as well. Also take the bottle of Purple Up and file it in the big round filing cabinet (garbage).

    The corals are probably quite happy at the moment as they are feasting on the phytoplankton (green water) but it if not removed/consumed in a timely mater it will die and then nothing will be happy.

    Good luck.
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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