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    GAC carbon and Extruded Carbon Filters?

    I noticed there's 2 different kinds of carbon filters we can get for our ro/di units. There's the typical granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, and there's also these Extruded carbon filters... What is the difference between them? They both seem to do the same purpose of removing chlorine and other chemicals; But they're both quite different looking in appearance. I was wondering what the difference is, and if one is better then the other.
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    As I understand it, GAC filters are more of an economy choice, while Extruded filters are more expensive but far more effective. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken!

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    Regular coal base Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and extruded activated carbon offer similar performance for aquarium application. The extruded is typically made from powdered anthracite coal (can be made from wood or coconut shell also) and activated in pellet form (typically 3, 4, or 5mm diameter)while GAC is activated in granular form from bituminous coal and sized. The extruded coal carbon is not more expensive (all coal extruded carbon is made in China), but it is harder and has less dust.

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    if you are interested in upgrading your filters are currently updating our site with a wide range of new filters and GAC carbon filters will be also available

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