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    Best Methods/Products 4 PH, Alkalinity, KH, GH

    If you have to increase the PH, KH/Alkalinity and GH, what are your favorite methods and/or products for doing it? I hear about coral, limestone and chemicals and want to know the best way to change parameters but I'm worried about it all fluctuating. My PH is just over 7 and my water is soft.

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    GH? growth hormone? Are you saying you're just over 7 in your tank? What's your alkalinity at?
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    GH is general hardness and is more for FW.

    are you using RODI??

    what salt??

    do you maintain Ca and Alk?

    Can you post your parms??

    IMO a good quality salt and water changes should maintain your pH and Alk. when i have to raise my Alk i use baking soda, it will raise your pH too but i think you should tell us some more about your system so we can maybe fin d the cause rather than just try to cover it up.

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