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Thread: starfish died

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    starfish died

    I bought a beautiful red lankia starfish about 2 weeks ago. About 1 week ago I noticed it lost a leg and last night I went home to discover that it had died. I understand that they are sensitive to water quality but is it normal that they would loose a leg or is it possible that something else in the tank might like to eat starfish?

    Here is what I have in the tank:

    Pistol shrimp
    Long tentacle urchin
    Bumble bee snails
    Scissortail goby

    Clowns and tang as well

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    Linia starfish are notoriously hard to keep long term.

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    2 week is not long at all...
    From what i've read it's best to stay away from them.
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    unfortunately linkia and fromia stars are hard to keep as their food is an invisible bio film. even in very large mature tanks they don't usually last very long. two weeks seems kinda fast though, they are very sensitive to swings in pH, SG and O2 levels.

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    Tis the fate of all too many linkias. The main problem as to my understanding is that scientifically no one understands what their true diet in nature consists of. In the hobby all too many of us assume they are detritus eaters when in fact detritus may be something they use for a time to 'survive' in aquariums.

    Also what type of pistol shrimp do you have? I once picked up a really 'neat' looking flourescent yellow and blue pistol shrimp and who boy that guy could catch and kill most anything that went in the aquarium with him. Smartest creature I've ever had in any of my tanks, could differentiate between myself and my girlfriend and would rapid fire the pistol whenever the girlfriend was in the same room! Chances are the shrimp sensed the linkia was under stress and took advantage of the situation.
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    ya.. 2 weeks is real fast for a starfish.
    how did you acclimate it ?
    it usually takes many many hours.. like 4h at a slow drip rate.
    I had one years ago.. lasted about 6months.. died of starvation in my 130g.

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    We bought a red Linkia about 3 months ago. He was really healthy and solid when we bought him, and within a few days he started to "melt" and lost one of the tips of his legs, and started turning a moldy black color all over the rest of it.

    After 2 weeks, it seemed to adjust fine and no longer had any problems. I did notice, that during my red hair algae outbreak, he would leave a clean line across the back glass - I'm assuming it likes red hair algae - I know the sea hare I bought loves it

    My friend igotit834(whatever) bought one and it didn't even last 2 weeks.. I have a majority of the same things in your tank - I don't think any of them would of bothered it. I also heard it's not a good idea at all to expose them to air, Like a Sponge Coral.
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    LINKEAS and FLAME SCALLOPS should not be in the hobby. the survival rate is
    very very poor.

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    bump up then lurk

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