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    Hello everyone I am new and this is my first post. I have recently set up a FOWLR 10 Gallon nano no fish yet though still cycling. So I purchased 10 pounds of cured live rock and SG is at 1.024. I am running a HOB fuge (AC 50) with poly fill and some Cheato. The tank has been running since Tuesday and my Water Params are as follows: Nitries 0ppm, Ammonia 0ppm and Nitrates ~20ppm PH 8.2 So basically I was wondering if it is feasible that the tank is cycled and ready for livestock (CUC) after I do like a 30%-50% WC? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks, Steve.

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    Let the tank run for at least 2 weeks then do your tests again. You really need to be patient at this point in time.

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    Like Kenzy said.. it doesn't take a few days.. its more like a few weeks/months.
    dont do the WC for quite a few weeks.. doing so now would just slow down the cycle. it is best to be patient in this hobby.


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    It'll take some time like the others said, just let it sit for a while and try not to think about it so much! Good luck

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