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Thread: Crashing?

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    I had 4 other tanks before, call connected to same water table via 1.5 inch pvc and a dart sump pump.
    i then bought a 180 gallon tank, dumped all my rock and live sand to new tank, pumped the water to 3/4 full and added 1/4 more fresh water.
    tank was great for 1 week then ammonia spike, that lasted for 2 weeks, till i have just done a 50% water change to reduce ammonia.
    i was using prime to detoxify the existing ammonia.
    so now im at .5 ammonia all detoxified.
    But i think now my tank is going to cycle again, the 1st time was so large i had to change the water cus i have fishys and softies in still.

    now im currious, what should i do for water changes and prime additions, to make this new cycle easier on my fishys and corals.
    thx in adv.

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    The sand bed should have been thoroughly rinsed before re using. That's where you cycle came from. If you already had your ammonia spike why do you think you are going to have another?

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    Ammonia is toxic to fish. I would highly suggest that you remove the fish from the tank and move them to an existing tank. Ammonia will burn their gills and could kill them even if not immediately.

    And as said above when ever reusing sand from an existing setup it must be thoroughly rinsed before reusing or this will happen.
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    now i see with hindsight that the sand was a big mistake.
    i really thought since i did a 50% water change before the cycle ended id start the cycle again.
    the amonia was too high and my sailfin had redspots on body and fins.
    so the 50% waterchange basicly would restart my cycle right??
    btw my water is very milky looking

    alk is high at 12
    ph is low at 7.2
    calc is 440
    mag is 1200 im raising it 50mg per day now for 2 days.
    am 0
    nit 0
    nitrogen 0
    phos 0

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    No changing the water won't start you cycle again. You are after all cycling the rocks / sand not the water. You need to keep changing water to keep the ammonia down. As well as trying to keep that bacteria bloom under control. If possible get the fish out with some of the rock in a tank on their own until the cycle is complete.

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