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    Where do you get your water?

    We have moved out of the ottawa area into the bush.... 20 mins PAST Rockland.

    Needless to say lugging water from the city to supply our 75g is a pain in the ass!

    Is there any one out here that knows where to get water? We are on a city line in a rental house so we have ruled out ro/di instalations till we own our house!

    I also thought about using natural spring water.... can you do that?

    We live in Bourget for those of you who might know where that is and we are buying our water at Homehardware If anyone has a better source we could realy use a shout out.
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    Why have you ruled out Ro/DI water? Yes the most common installation includes piercing a pipe but they make faucet connection adapters as well. Unscrew the tip of the faucet and screw in the adapter, make your water and put away the RO until next time.
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    Oops sorry i left out the part where we have no funds for one as we our fighting with Hydro over a 2,500 Bill for One month. Plus there is no where to hide one in my tiny house. Other wise we would have a sump and would only need top up water.

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    Spring water is no go, since it can vary in composition, which will create an unstable environment, and you don't really want that.

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