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    Hey guys
    if im useing vinegar To kill some nasty aptasias i have in my 30 gal reef. I know the vinegar is an acid and it can do some wired stuff to my tank so I was wondering when I should do the water change right after? Before?..
    I'm pretty bad with water chemesty and all that.


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    you got any kalkwasser powder.. make a paste of that stuff instead and feed it to the aiptasia with a cheap seringe from jean-coutu. its more effective.
    the vinegar in small doses should not effect much.. all depends on the quantity.

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    I used Joe juice more easy to used rather than home made vinegar, it doesn't going to harm your tank or it's going to pollute your water. Actually it's for reef safe though.

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    I guess if you don't add too much vinegar you will be just fine. If you somehow end up adding too much vinegar, you should probably clean your tank out and change the water after you are done with it.

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    There are a lot of articles about killing aptasias with vinegar. You need to make sure you inject the vinegar into the flesh of the pest nem. You can do this by removing the rock and allowing the nem to deflate, and then injecting or you can try injecting while still in the tank. Be very careful when doing so.

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