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    water parameters okay?

    Can someone tell me if my parameters sound off. Is it safe to start looking at corals yet?

    calcium 420ppm
    Kh 143 ppm
    mg 1250 mg/l

    Alk (total) 3.2meq/l
    Borate Alk 1.5meq/l
    Carb alk 1.7meq/l

    180 gallon tank. These figures were the same two days ago too (stable?)


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    More importantly what are your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings?

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    No Nitrates
    No Nitrites
    No Ammonia

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    which kits(brand) are you using to test this ?

    keep in mind that cheap kits and expired kits are usually way off and dont detect it properly.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    how long has the system been running??

    and was this a completely new setup??? ( not a move, etc.. )

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

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    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

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    Quote Originally Posted by liv View Post
    which kits(brand) are you using to test this ?

    keep in mind that cheap kits and expired kits are usually way off and dont detect it properly.
    "....way off and don't detect IT properly".... What is "it" please define.
    The kit is a SEACHEM REEFSTATUS bought yesterday for $50 ish dollars. It was the only kind they had. Not sure what other kits have but his one filters the water first (to remove the precipitate of the first reagent). It takes about ten minutes to do each test.
    What kit is everyone else using?

    The tank has been running about 5 years now in FOWLR. My work has me deployed away from home,so it has not been maintained 100% but always running and not moved. It holds:
    1 blue tang
    1Koran Angel
    1 blue damsel
    Not a lot of bio load for 180 gallons, so it is able to maintain homeostasis.

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    What do you have for lighting? Is it sps or lps corals you want to add? or a mix of both? If you have strong lighting, I wouldn't be afraid to start adding some beginner corals.

    Do your tests about once a week or longer. With a tank your size, there's no need to check for changes within days of tests.
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    Thank you porcupine puffer!

    I have to deal with my Koran angel first but I wanted to know if the parameters of my chemistry were solid or if I shold be tweaking it one way or another. I find that in order to change one element, you have to change a few to comensate (tweak magnesium to allow clacium to increase).

    FOWLR is pretty easy compared to corals.

    As far as lighting goes I am running 3 X 250watt.

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