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Thread: Ammonia test

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    Ammonia test

    Just a quick question. When I test my water I usually wait 5 min for the colour to develop in the test tube. When I test for ammonia at 5 min I get a reading of 0. But today I left the test tube on my desk for about 20 min and noticed I got a reading of .25 after that time period. Is this a false result because it was sitting too long? or can the colour take longer then 5 min to properly develop?
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    usual tests state to check at the 5min mark or the 2min mark.. so i would say that results beyond those timelines should be inacturate as the chemical reaction is probebly not completed yet.. and your just catching a snippet of color in time.

    makes sence ?

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    It probably sat there too long since those tests aren't meant to be checked after 20 minutes. I doubt you have anything to worry about, since you will get an accurate result in 5 minutes most of the time.

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