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    Advice on buying A calcium reactor

    Looking into getting a calcium reactor. But I don't know anything about them. What should I look for when buying one? Are there things that aren't neccesary, that a dealer would try to talk me into buying? Do I need to have a digital ph meter? All help will be greatly appreciated. Also if you have any reading you can send me on these that would be great. Thanks. Gools

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    Sorry Gools, I've been neglectfull!!
    Go for a dual chamber reactor for absorbing extra co2. It will be pretty hard to find anything decent in a lfs, I think, unless you happen to have a great little reef shop in your neck of the woods. You might have to mail order. The MTC Pro Cal is a good unit as is the My Reef Creations. Calcium reactors almost always work on the same principal of circulating co2 and water in a chamber of calcium media so there is little a salesperson can try to talk you into, other than a crappy unit. You don't need a digital ph meter, but it certainly helps since you will want to watch the ph closely at first ( both inside the reactor and in the tank) and it will make your life easier to have one until the reactor is humming along.
    Abahn, just got a Deltec reactor which seems to be very nive too--All of these babys aren't cheap- in the end you are looking at about $1000 (at least)for the reactor, media, co2 and regulator. But in the long run it is certainly worth it.
    Check some Tanks of the Month for what types of reactors are being used on heavily stocked reefs, that will give you a good referance.
    Here's a good tool for setting up a reactor once you have it.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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