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    pH Pen Calibration

    Hi everyone,

    I got that pH pen from Ivan but I can't get the damn thing to calibrate.

    I have pinpoint 7 and pinpoint 10 calibration solutions. The instructions guide says to use 6.86 solution (never seen that before).

    As per Ivan's directions, I use the 7 instead of 6.86 and make the pH pen display 6.86 using the adjustment screw.

    You'd think it would be calibrated but no.. Then I put it in ro/di water --- 5.08! With that calibration my tank water is 7.4! hehe

    does anyone have the same device and if so, how did you calibrate it?


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    use the PH 7 solution and tune it to 7... not 6.86... rinse and then test with PH10... adjust if needed... rinse... and you should be good to go.


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