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    Frequency of water changes

    Ok, I'm sure this will start a debate.....

    How often should I do a water change? Currently, I'm changing 10% every 2nd month. Is that not enough?
    Also, as I loose about 1-2 gallons each day thru evaporation and I top up the water level automatically (this way, my water level and SG never change), does that count in the water change?

    Sorry if this has been asked before.
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    Frequency of water changes can not be plotted on the calendar. There are too many variables involved and no 2 tanks are the same. You should use good judgment and concider... the bio load, the filtering capacity, the total water volume of the system, the amount being fed, the temperature of the water, do you skim or not.
    I think it would however be safe to say that even in pristine conditions with a light load on a big filter that 10% should be done every 30 day to replace trace elements and keep PH stable. Frequency of water changes should increase as those conditions degrade and or in HOT weather if the tanks temperature is increased during those times.

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    i have a 65g with 30g sump/refug, and i change 5g/week or 10g every 2 weeks
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    Also water evaporation and top up does not count as water changing, imo evaporation does not get rid of all the nasty stuff (technical term) in the water, just the H20
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    One Salty Dog is right, it's going to be different for every tank. I feed a LOT and have more fish than most people so I do a 20% water change every week. I have friends who don't feed much and don't have heavily stocked tanks and only do 10% every month. Water quality is about the same. My fish are bigger though

    When I set up a new tank I take the time to make a water change system that makes it easy. This way I'm more likely to do it. I store my water in the basement so I bought a pump and cut a hole through the floor so that I can just pump the water up into my tanks instead of having to lug up buckets. It's great.

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    This is what I "usualy" do...

    On my 65 gallon with 30 gallon I change 25 gallon/month...

    On my 29 gallon with 5 gallon sump I change about 15 gallons/month...

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    I do fortnightly changes around 20% of the water volume.

    Water changes and top off are very different, the salt you use for w/changes adds trace elements, and the w/changes remove DOM, excess nutrients and other stuff, where as the top off adds "water" (R/O) and keeps the salinity in check.
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    In my 90G i change 5G every week!The tank is thriving.
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    My nano gets a 20% partial at least every other week & weekly when I have time.

    My 75g gets about a 25% WC when I think of it or there's an issue. ~ 4 - 6 weeks, but that's FW.

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    I do water changes every bi-weekly, tried monthly but corals seem happier with bi-weekly.

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