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Thread: skimmers

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    what is the best skimmer on the market.MTC-My reef creation-Aqua.c-others?

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    Well I use the an AeroFoamer 830 knock off,and its just great you can pick one up for 500$, I also used/installed LifeReef`s 6' unit (along time ago)good skimmer but way to much $$ back then.
    Aqua C are ok,I almost bought one, but there has been a few tests done and it didnt perform as well as the Areofoamer did.

    So I would most definetly go with an Aerofoamer,here is a review that was done by other hobbiest.

    I've seen plenty of Aqua-C skimmers for sale, very few times have I ever seen Aerofoamers for sale. I have had people who own the Aqua-C emailing me on what size Aerofoamer they should trade it in for. Here is my rating for the best skimmers:

    1- Aerofoamer
    2- Bullet
    2- HSA
    4- Euro-Reef CS Model
    5- ETS - Many people who run ETS and also own Aqua-C say that ETS is much better
    Aqua-C - Nothing personal against Aqua-C it just dosen't rate as high as the others, but it is still with in the top 10 best which makes it a great skimmer.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    harley makes a replica of those...i bought mine directly from lifereef and i absolutly love set it once and no more....If I would of know harley made them....i would of bought from him..

    The other thing with lifereef is thet they CVC system...constant venturie cleaning system...harley makes it like that as well

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    have you heard of MTC?

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    HSA 1000 what about this one?

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    yes HSA and MTC are the same company.

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    HSA 1000

    Ya I know about them great skimmer put a mak 4 on it and it will blow you away but you would be looking at about $1600.00 for both pump and skimmer. They also have 2 smaller units
    500 and 250 what size tank do you have and what's your bioload (heavy stocked med.,low), what's in the tank sps,lps,softies. Sorry just noticed 65gal. you don't need 1000 the 250 would be more then enough. Hard to get them if not in sock at LFS hard time to keep up with orders of product line,
    that's what I have heard.

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    I was skimmer shopping recently. I needed the biggest skimmer I could afford that would work with my spare Mak4. I settled on an AquaC EV-400. It isn't the top rated skimmer, but it sure works nice with a Mak4. I got it off e-bay new for $425 USD. The new models (2002+) are much better so you have to be selective.

    On the plus side it is quiet and pulls out a ton of stuff. I pulled a half gallon of coffe-colored skimmate out last week.

    On the down side, it is a little fussy about things in the water. When you feed it stops producing foam for an hour or two. You also have to keep the injector clean. I had a snail shell and a piece of carbon get stuck in there.

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    x- link what are your space restrictions and plans in the future? the hsa1000 is a great skimmer- I ran one for years until I upgraded to a hsa 3000 (dual becket injection- runs on a Iwaki 100 or equivilant pump).
    The 1000 would be overkill on your 65- unless you plan on a bigger tank. I don't have much experiance with other medium to high end skimmers..But I do know that you can't beat the MTC. If you are looking for a decent big skimmer, check out for a good copy of the hsa 1000. It is becket injected skimmer and is very fussy as well. The becket valves work amazingly well for mixing air and water so they are sensitive to changes in the water like adding food or putting your arm in the tank or when something gets stuck in the becket valve. However, they are WELL worth the regular maintenance required because they HAUL gunk BIG time! I know a couple of people using the reefsolutions skimmer and is works very well- it does require a good amount of space to install- it is pretty big..

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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    Harley can custom make one to the size and specs u need. its also going to be cheaper then a store bought one.
    pm him your specs.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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