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    Question Salinity Question?

    Hello there guys, I have been reading here

    I have started a small 10G Nano about 3 month ago and it's going very well...

    I have 12 Lbs of LR and a clean up crew of 2 Astrea Snails and 10 Blue leg Hermits
    with 60W of 50/50 (3-20W) Mini-Compact

    But I have notice a small (Hope not a big) problem with Salinity.

    When I prepare my water for my water change, I set the temp of the water at 75F (about) and salinity at 1.024 (test with a glass hydrometer with Temp). The problem is when I do my water change, my salinity is perfect. then a day later as the temp of the water goes up to 79F the salinity drops to 1.022 - 1.020. Is this normal or should I add more salt to the water (the new water) before doing my water change.

    thanks for your help


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    I may be off, but AFAIK salinity doesn't change with temperature, but the way your hydrometer measures it does.

    I'd suggest testing with a refractometer if you can. Failing that, raise your new water to the same temp as the aquarium when you mix up a new batch.

    On another note, were you ever into bonsai? Your nickname reminds me of somebody & Buckingham is a small place

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    The temperature of the water change water should be the same as the tank water. Normally, salinity would go up after a water change due to subsequent evaporation losses. The drop you report seems a bit large for a farily small temperature change.

    Why not do a test? Take some of the change water, measure the SG at 25C. Warm it up to 29C and measure it again. Also, if you can get ahold of a refractometer, confirm the hydrometer readings with that.

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