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Thread: Top-Off System

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    Top-Off System

    Anyone has used this before?

    Is it a good top off system? Either good or bad comments will be appreciated.


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    Looks nice....but pm tang_man. He makes float switches for that kind of stuff and a lot less expensive.
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    i have tang mans dual float switch and they are very well made and reliable...go for that

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    i just bought one from tang_man.. looks professionally built.. i recommend it..

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    I think the Tunze is a very good and reliable unit that is very versatile- with those brackets. However, it is expensive. I know that Tang Man also makes a very good little unit.

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    I am using Tang Mans Float unit,its A+:thumb: just needs a bracket which I got from home depot,it is a plastic that they use to hang Xmas wreaths on your door, its fool proof.

    The Tunzie unit is a nice finished product, but like Matt mentioned its kinda expensive for a top off system.


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    I use Tang_man's floats as well, and the plastic X-mas wreath hanger that Robin has mentioned. All works great. I added a direct line from my R/O system and I feed this water into a small plastic resevoir with a toilet bowl float valve system. The toilet bolw float allows the water to enter the resevoir automatically, and Tang-Man's float switches acitvate a small power head to keep the sump filled to the correct level. No more filling by bucket!

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