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    Question Ever heard of this test kit?

    Found this water test kit on a industrial laboratory supplier web-site. I wonder how much it costs and how good it is... Maybe I'll give them a call on Monday

    This company is in Montreal.

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    Never heard of them...Quite an extensive list of products...I wonder how much their ph meters are...

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    The test kit you are looking at is a LAMOTTE test kits.
    They are good with so/so readings they are more likr the SERA test kits which are good for average testing, but like SERA there is a GAP in certain ranges such as the PH it reads 8 then jumps to 8.5 if you noticed LAMOTTE goes from 8 and then jumps to 9.

    One thing I noticed with certain high end test kits is there on average overkill for the Reef Hobbiest. Example I have some Merck test kits and they have such low level readings that we would never even need to read that low,here is an example lets say my Seachem P04 low level readings are 0.0 on the color chart ,now my Merck test readings are 0.008 so it is more precise.
    Now you have to ask what is the levels needed in a Reef? that would be less than 0.2 in a Reef enviroment.So test such as Salifert and Seachem are perfect and precise for testing our Reef water otherwise its overkill,if your a Scientist well then I could understand looking at the higher end test kits.



    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    I've always just used the basic kit, really only monitoring PH and SG (hand level thing) that was thrown in when I got my tank.

    SG 1.025
    PH 8.3
    ALK 8-12 dKH
    Calcium 400-450
    Phosphate= 0
    Ammonia= 0
    Nitrite= 0
    Nitrate=<10 (this should be zero, right?)

    These are the ideal ranges correct? Have I missed any?

    I am a bit confused with ALK and dkH. Is alkalinity and dkH (don't what it stands for) the same measurement?

    Which kit(s) do you guys recommend for each? I have been spend money getting the correct equipment and setup the last few weeks. I've learned a lot in just the last month.

    Are the Pinpoint units worth the extra cash?

    And are weekly testing ok? or is it recommend more frequent than that?

    I really want to take my tank to the next level. Planning to invest more time and learning into this hobby.

    I really appreciate everyone opinions and guidance!


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    you should have a test kit for all of the parameters you have listed. One other optional thing to test for is ORP, but not essential by any means. It's difficult to explain so a search or two would be a good idea.
    Essentially, dkh and alkalinity are the same thing, only they are measured differently...or I maybe I should say that Alkalinity can be measured in different ways- the two most common are meq/l (milliequivalents per litre) or dkh (degrees of carbonate hardness) meq/l needs to be multiplied by 2.3 (or maybe its 3.2- sorry, I'm having an alzeimer's moment) to give you dkh.
    So, an alk of 2.5 to 4 meq/l is loosely the same as a dkh of 7-12.
    Salifert makes good, consistant test kits.
    the pinpoint ph moniter is very usefull..
    weekly testing is fine- unless you are trying to change a parameter- like raising calcium levels or adding buffer, or adding a calcium or Kalk reactor- then it should be tested daily until you have reached a new equilibrium.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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    i think it's 2.8
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