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    Chemi-Clean and Feather Dusters

    Does anyone have any experience with using Chem-Clean in a tank with feather dusters?

    I know the company says it's safe with all inverts, but I've heard stories of it killing off shrimp and some corals. Any firsthand knowledge out there?

    Is it safe to use with feather dusters?

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    sorry, cant help you...You should ask on Reef Central.

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    I used it with feather dusters along with shimp, anemone, Tuxedo Urchun, conches,and various snails and crabs. From what I remember nothing looked real great for a few days but all was fine after a water change. Skimmer went nuts for a week or so though.


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    James, I've just started using chemi-clean with the duster and all seems fine and good.
    Thanks for posting for me

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