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    Doh! Water params

    Ok so I thought my Ca test was whonky.. Its a Salifert and always gave great and acurate results. Well I got lax in testing (read had not done one in about 2 months!) and decided to see how the params are looking...

    Ca tested at 250! I had the kit checked against others etc etc and never considered the oblivous... test my kh.


    Sooo, here I sit with 250 Ca, 15.3 kh and pH of 8.0. Suggestions on how to get back to normal? Water changes and no more alk dosing come to mind...

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    Go get yourself a whole lot of NSW Actualy maybe doing lots of small water changes is the way to go. My 2 cents..

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    This article will be useful for you:

    Your tank would be in Zone 3. Randy suggests adding calcium chloride until the calcium level is raised into the target zone. You'll likely end up in zone 1. Then, just leave the tank alone and the levels will return to the target zone. You could do water changes but Randy suggest this isn't needed.

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    Great article, and its correct I was adding to much alk. Not that I was trying to raise my pH, just not testing! Wonder how long it will take the alk to lower.... I did a 20% change and will wait it out. Testing every 2nd day now....

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