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Thread: boiling water?

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    boiling water?

    This may be a dumb question, but here it goes anyway, I use tap water in my tank, and I realize this isn't always the best for the fish or coral so I was thinking I would boil the water I add before I add it, obvoiusly letting it sit for a day or two to cool.

    Is this a good idea or not?

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    It wont take the heavy metals out of the water which is what you want to do. RO/DI units are cheap, do a good job at removing everything from the water that you dont want in the tank.

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    Boiling will get rid of bacteria in the water but not other chemicals such as chlorine and all of the other lovely stuff we have in our tap water. I don't think this would help personally.

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    RO/DI is the way to go...cheapest way to gaurentee water quality.
    your fish and coral will love you for it.
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    Can someone explain RO/DI

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    or buy distilled water from your local grocery store until you can buy an ro/di unit.
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    A typical RO/DI filter has 5 or 6 stages.

    The first two are sediment filters, 5 micron and 1 micron (takes out the chunks which would damage the RO membrane). Then there is a Carbon filter. This will remove chemicals and break up Chloramine (most city tap water has Chloramine or Chlorine) and bond the Chlorine. Ammonia passes this stage.

    Then the workhorse of the RO/DI system. The Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO). Think of it as a sieve with really small holes. This membrane blocks most of what we want out of the water. It is flushed constantly with the same water that comes from the first three stages (occationally it needs a more thourough flush).

    Some chemicals get through this stage. This includes Ammonia, for example.

    The next stage, De-Ionization filter (DI), will react out most of what gets through the RO membrane. Some systems are setup with dual DI filters to extend overall service intervals.

    Some drinking water RO/DI filters have a sixth stage, another carbon. But, I have heard this is unnecessary and other accounts that it shouldn't be used.

    The first three stages and the DI need periodic replacement. This is on the order of 6 months to 2 years depending on use and source water quality.

    The water that comes out is nearly chemically inert (except pure water) and in some ways better than distilled water.
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    Boiling the water will only concentrate whatever is in the water before you boil it. If on the other hand you intended to boil the water and collect the steam that is expelled and condense that steam back into a fluid you would have DISTILLED water.
    This however would be very inefficient and very costly in the end. BIT THE BULLET and get an RO/DI unit.

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    The other thing to consider, boiling water will deplete it of O2.

    If you must use tap water, treat it with tap water conditioners (Prime for example). This is not the preferred way to go, but many people do have success using treated tap water only. It really depends what's in your drinking water to start with.

    To be honest though I agree with everyone else here, buy the RO/DI unit. Considering what a reef tank costs to set up & run an RO/DI unit is cheap & it will save you many head-aches down the road.

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    i've run into reefers at the corner store fillling up 18G water cooler containers
    only costs 3.00 and i think if you get a stamp card you get every 5th free!
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