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    need help getting water back on track

    I've had to neglect my tank a bit for awhile :what3: and now have to get it back on track.

    Sg 1.028 (will lower with RO/DI water when it's ready)
    ph 8.0
    trate 0
    trite 0
    ammonia 0
    po4 0.1
    temp 27

    not too bad but my alk is (6)107 and calcium is at 330.

    what is the best approach to raise these two up without any worries?

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    There are three ways that come to mind.

    1. Reef buffer and calcium chloride added in balance over a couple days.

    2. Kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide) added in small amounts at night. this brings up Ca and alk in balance but also can run your Ph up if you are not careful.

    3. Two part additive like Bionic that wil bring up both Ca and alk without Ph worries.

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    I don't think any method is worry free. You're going to have to dose something and test to see where you are.

    I'd suggest getting a kalk reactor & hooking it up to your top-off system.

    If you do or not, don't dose both ALK & CA at the same time, unless you're using a balaced 2 part or kalk.

    If you using something like reef buffer & calcium, dose one in the morning, retest at night & dose the other at night.

    But a kalk reactor could fix the problem for you all on it's own, depending on your evap rate. I have a dosing pump on mine so it constantly drips kalk into the tank.

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    You can also use baking soda to raise alk, do it slowly with what every product you use. I use arm and hammer baking soda. As for CA, you can try something like kent liquide Calcium or turbo calcium or something similar. Which you can more to the Calcium up quick than the Alk. I would suggest this until you get your level where you want and then either jump on a two part or dripping kalk at night which once you have in balance with maintain it.

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    What's in your tank in terms of corals?
    I'd say the first step is a few good water changes and a good Ferric oxide based phosphate remover like Rowaphos, Ecophos or Phosban. You really don't want any po4 at all.
    The water changes will help regulate the calc. alk issues as well as simply rejuvinate the whole system.
    Once things are back in the range of normal, calc. alk maintnance is a very individual thing- all of the methods mentioned above will work.
    But I really think that the first step is water changes to rebalance all of the water parameters.

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