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Thread: ph drop off

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    ph drop off

    read an article about how ph drops off with a large gathering of people in the same room...well my daughter had a sleep over with 11 girls sleeping in the same room ..and was very surprised how the ph went from a stable 8.3 to under 8.0 in a few hours....think I need to get an air exchanger when this happens...

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    Can you post a link or reference for that article? I had no idea that could happen.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swiseman
    Can you post a link or reference for that article? I had no idea that could happen.
    Well it would not surprise me,since water absorbs/sucks up practically everything.

    And 11 young girls talking can create alot of C02,coupled with poor air circulation can definitely happen.

    Never experienced it myself,but when I was keeping Dutch style Aquariums there were several methods to introduce C02 into the tank.One was breathing into a plastic garbage bag and letting it slowly back into the tank via a tubing in the water.I never did it because a Garbage bag is quite large and I would have to breath into it forever. :biglaugh2


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