Hey Guys, I landed here on a quest... i'm on a new 100% Acro build and there is a CAN Vendor that has alot of the stuff that will help make my tank what i've dreamed about.... but I have some concerns. In fact i've heard some pretty rough feedback on Fragalot.ca... I have read about corals dying (that happens i know) but it seems that it has happened alot to many people ordering from him. I'm in Rhode Island and alot can happen between your great state and mine.

Also, i've had very limited success in direct communication with Burc. Now I may be small potatoes but a $500 frag order, plus shipping, is pretty significant.

So I have some reservations and wanted to get an honest opinion from you guys: thumbs up or thumbs down on Fragalot.ca ? Is his stuff wild, loaded with worms and eggs? Is his stuff stable in a good system? Please reply,