Hello, this forum was recommended to me by an ex ex ex ex ex ex... boyfriend of mine who actually got me into the whole aquarium thing. I'm pretty sure he is tired on me bugging him about fishtank things since he set up my first tank about 4 years ago and moved everything to my current tank maybe 2 years ago (aaaaaand we broke up about 15 years ago...).

So many cool things happen in my little reef tank (well, cool to me at least?) and google doesn't always have the answers, so here I am hoping to gain some independence and knowledge to keep my little water world happy

Also, it would be great to meet some cool people with the same interest - it's not as common of a hobby as I think it should be (especially saltwater enthusiasts).

Soooooo... there was a question that lead me to joining this forum. My clowns have been laying eggs like crazy... batch after batch after batch... and I read somewhere the babies eat baby brine shrimp. But after multiple attempts to 'feed' them with the newly hatched brine shrimp, I am getting pretty bummed out watching them all slowly die after staying up most the night to watch them hatch. Apparently I need rotifers... I bought a bottle of that from a store but the guy warned me it might be expired ... but I didn't have any other options so that was not helpful either. anybody know how I can obtain some rotifers please?