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Thread: Rag is Sold

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    Rag is Sold

    To all members of the reef site Rag, let you know its been sold. A lot of crap has happened the last few days. First Scrooge promised to sell it to Reef Lady then reneged and sold it to someone else. Anyway, most of us are at a site called You can drop by and get more updated info on this fiasco.


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    well, your all more than welcome to come on over here. The knowledge from others really helps and were growing quickly.

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    Thats to bad about RAG... ReefLady sure earned it... and for the Scrooge to go back on his word tells you alot about what type of person he is...


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    It's amazing how many web sites this is being talked about. I have to admit I'm a surfer. I contribute were I can (and some times were it can't) and learn from many sites. RAG is were I started.
    after a lot of flames Scrooge took it down for a while but Currently the RAG is back up but

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    I dont remember were I started but when I found this place my search was over , Thanks IJO for my invite to here hehe. I still realy am gratefull
    25g Reef

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