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    Question Need a little help?

    Just starting into salt water. I have purchased a 125G aquarium and a FX5 filter. I plan on having live rock fish only set up. Looking for some suggetions on a good hang-on skimmer.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry, can't help with any opinions on the skimmers....but....
    if you havne't got that tank setup yet, get it drilled and go with a sump. Then you can put the skimmer in the sump.

    My opinion of course....
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    Drilling the tank would most certaily be preferable.

    As for HOB skimmers the octopus dual pump hob skimmer works well.

    Or better yet you could get an external recirculation skimmer and have it mounted on a shelf behind the tank like the octopus dnw 110.
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    When I set up my 70G I didn't drill the tank. Biggest mistake I made. I regretted it almost immediately. When I set up my 125G I had my tank drilled and run a sump. Much better.

    Just a few of the benefits...

    Skimmer in the sump reduces microbubbles and provides much more choice

    Surface film elimated by siphon box

    Heater in the sump

    Phosban reactor in the sump


    Run carbon in the sump when I need it

    Auto top off to sump

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