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    Clean up crew + Urchin Question

    Morning everyone,

    I was wondering if some people could share their pro's and cons of keeping Diadema Urchins? I find them interestign animals and am considering adding one to my 120 mixed reef.

    I am also in need of a substrate cleaner/stirrer. I have one strawberry conch already, and am considering adding a cucumber. Can anyone make a specific recommendation(s) reagrding the various types available?

    I'm finding as my reef matures, and my fish grow, that overskimming and water changes aren't keeping the nutrients down enough. I'm hoping a clean up crew targetted towards detrius removal will have a positive impact. Currently I only have 2-3 snails and the conch. I have long been adverse to adding hermits (bad crab experiences /w hitchikers) but am now considering adding a few dozen and a few dozen det. eating snails as well.

    Anything to get rid of the cyano outbreaks and what looks to be the start of a byropsis outbreak

    Care to share any thoughts? Will a clean up crew really help me to reduce phosphate/nitrate levels? Maybe I should buy a bigger skimmer and remain clean up crew free? Start runing a phosphate remover? Buy a bigger skimmer? (somewhere my wife just twitched).

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    I don't know a tonne about Diadema urchins other than their max size (8") and that clown fry will cluster around their spines.

    As for cucumbers, go simple. Tiger tails are good at cleaning the sand, I rarely see mine during the day, they'll breed in your tank and AFAIK they won't cause a meltdown if they die like other cukes can.

    I tried to go snail heavy / crab light in my 90G and after 8 months I gave in. Even with a good mix of snails you need crabs. Ivan suggested Calcinus Hermits for my tank & I picked up a bag of 25 for my 90.

    I'm now worried my lawnmower blenny may not be getting enough to eat. Seriously. These hermits clean up.

    For the cyano, there's not a lot that reliably eats it and most of that only eats it if there's nothing else too eat. Siphon it out and see if you can improve the water flow in that area.

    For snails, nassarius are pretty good detrius eaters.

    You don't want to change too much at once, I'd start with improving the clean up crew, siphon out the cyano, maybe see if you can improve the flow in that area, and re-asses in 4 - 6 weeks.

    For byropsis, grazing fish will sometimes eat it, some snails & some hermits do, but I think it comes down to their preference. Every animal I've heard eats it, I've also heard somebody say "I got one of these & it won't touch it."

    If it's a small batch on a managable rock, put it in a bucked of tank water the next time you do a partial & put it in a dark spot for a month... i.e. cook it.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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