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    Interesting article on Chinese public aquariums and aquarium industry

    I stumbled across this article on the net. They have some very interesting public aquariums in China, even if I find some of the exhibits of questionable taste (read: fancy goldfish).

    The Chinese aquarium shops are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is interesting to see how things are done on the other side of the world.

    This is the introduction to the article. Scroll to the bottom to see the index. There are lots of very good pictures included with each section.

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    Very interesting articles i saw in that thread! I will be studying for 10 weeks in Beijing this summer... i will be looking foward to visit those places too

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    I've heard firsthand that some of these aquarium are amazing. fishkeeping is a very popular hobby
    wait till ricepicker gets a hold of this thread, he was in taiwan this past summer and had some cool stories
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    Pics -->

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    yea, god... the technology and prices can't be beat...

    its sick how much effort they put into the hobby, fish is a livestyle to many asians, and the market is just phenomenal.

    god, the prices...

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